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Gallery of Satsuki Kitaouji

Easily my favorite character from Ichigo 100%, Satsuki Kitaouji is a fun and passionate girl. Ichigo 100% is a fairly basic harem anime where-in the male protagonist, Manaka, has to try and decide which of 4 beautiful girls he likes the most, and Satsuki plays the part of the friendly and fun girl that he can talk to easily. Naturally Satsuki wants to be more than just friends (it's a harem anime, like I said :P) and becomes jealous because Manaka likes other girls too. Even though she suspects Manaka likes another girl more than her, she is determined to win him over, and does everything in her power to try and give herself the advantage. She uses her feminine charms aggressively towards him, and a few times even tries to come between him and the other girls he likes. Satsuki is funny, seductive, devious, affectionate, impulsive and goes after what she wants relentlessly. She's not always nice, but isn't above complimenting even her rivals when it's deserved. So, Satsuki, even if Manaka doesn't choose you, I would in an instant.

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