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Gallery of Ryomou Shimei

This Battle Vixen is rather mysterious. Ryomou is a strong, cold woman that hides her feelings from others. I'm not entirely sure about her past, but during the last "Great Fighters Tournament" she had to interrupt a fight between a male friend of hers and another school because her friend would have been killed, and in doing so disqualified her school. She seems to have feelings for this guy who was sent into a coma for 6 months and is now blind. Anyway, Ryomou is very calm and collected most of the time, but once she goes into battle, she becomes a very frightening fighter. She specializes in submission techniques, and once she locks on, wrapping her body tightly around her opponent, (*cough* hot *cough*) she seems to gain pleasure from breaking them. Outside of battle though, she does care about her friends and isn't dependent on others. Deep down it's obvious her heart isn't so cold as she wants people to think it is though, and it's her normal personality that is quite likable. Just do not piss her off unless you like broken bones.

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