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Gallery of Kanako Ohno

As the whole reason I decided to watch Genshiken in the first place, Ms. Kanako Ohno is an otaku's dream. Not only did Genshiken turn out to be a hilarious and highly entertaining series, but Ohno-san surpassed my expectations. The series is about a college club called "The Society for the Study of Modern Visual Culture" which is basically a fancy title for "the otaku club" as its members are all guys that get together to geek out, each with their own preferences, but a few episodes in, this beautiful but shy young woman, Kanako Ohno arrives to join the club, having just flown back from being an American exchange student. Although she doesn't like to stand out and in normal situations she is very conservative and concientious about her appearance, Ohno's love is cosplay. She loves to dress up as her favorite characters and really gets into the role when she does, becoming them with great costumes and pretty good acting to capture their personalities too, and when she's in costume, her usual insecurities disappear completely. She enjoys being in Genshiken (which is the abbreviated title of the club) and she's truly an otaku at heart, but an adorable feminine one. She can be herself in the club, just as everyone else can, and even tips the couple other girls that are associated with the group that there are doujinshi (fan-made comics, often erotic in nature) directed at their audience as well. :P She reads manga, she watches anime, she builds gundam models, and dresses up as sexy and beautiful characters... thanks to her cute face and voluptuous proportions, and besides that, she cooks and is a cuddly drunk! XD If there's anything more an otaku like me could want from a woman (well she does have way too much hair...) I need to be slapped. It's kind of a shame I'm not bald... Ohno also has an adorable thing for hairless heads. >:D

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