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Gallery of Milly Thompson

The younger of the "insurance girls" from Trigun, Milly is a large woman with an even bigger heart. Teamed with Meryl Strife, Milly's job is to follow Vash the Stampede (a wanted criminal) around and report insurance claims caused by him or because of him. Milly is a very caring, friendly and gentle woman, and she often seems like a child, naiive and optimistic. Her outlook on life is often a breath of fresh air to those around her, and she can often see the simplest solution to complex problems and is a wonderful friend to have. She carries around a huge stun gun under her coat in case situations get out of hand, and she's a hard and enthusiastic worker. She's usually a happy person, but she's also prone to sadness when she sees people get hurt, and isn't afraid to scold anyone if they're mean to her friends. I really grew to care for Milly... she's such a good person and makes everyone feel better just by being around them.

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