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Gallery of Midori Sugiura

As disappointed as I was by the aggrevating plot of Mai HiME, at least there was one thing that made it worth watching: Midori. At the young age of "17," Midori is already a brilliant and accomplished woman. She already has her teaching degree, and is a curious archeologist (I think) as well. As by far the most intelligent of the HiME's (like magical girls basically), Midori also manages to be the coolest, wittiest and sexiest (imo anyway). Different from the rest of the girls in the show, Midori can actually formulate rational thoughts, and tries her best to keep the other girls from turning against each other by creating a team atmosphere and taking them out for some fun activities to try and get them to become friends. She has strong morals to go along with her wisdom, and although she may be secretive at times, she's trustworthy. Midori has a strong sense of duty, but also knows how to have fun, and is able to get people to come out of their shells... and even when she's drunk she still seems to have control of her situations. I love her design also, red hair is always good, especially when it's worn up, and her eyes are really sexy... mysterious and wily. I'd love to have Sugiura-Sensei come teach me a few things. ;)

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