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Gallery of Melissa Mao

From episode one of Full Metal Panic, Melissa Mao had my attention as a woman that would be a riot to hang out with. As a soldier working for the technologically advanced peacekeeping organization called "Mithril", Melissa is a woman that takes her job seriously, but not much else. At 25-years-old she has a maturity about her, but remains a very open individual that loves joking around and isn't the least bit shy about making a fool of herself for a laugh. She can often be found lounging around in her underwear or with her uniform halfway off (sexy!), despite the fact that most of her fellow soldiers are men; she's more than a bit of a tease. She can handle herself, obviously, a mercenary had better be able to, and she's willing to put her life on the line beyond the call of duty for her friends. Melissa is normally jovial but will let people know when she's angry, but tries to surpress her feelings of love, trying to make things easier on herself and her friends in case any of them should get hurt. She may have an alcohol habit and be insincere at times, but Melissa Mao is a hottie that makes me laugh, and she's definitely the kind of "roommate" that I'd love to have.

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