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Gallery of Maggie Mui

I never thought a 6'1" tall woman could be this adorable. Maggie Mui from R.O.D. the TV (series for Read or Die) is by far my favorite "quiet character" out of all the anime I've seen. Maggie isn't the typical quiet, timid girl though, she's more of a soft-spoken and somewhat awkward young woman. She's a bibliomaniac (book-lover) and a "paper master" (a super power that enables her to control paper... creating objects with it and using it in ways you wouldn't expect paper to be used) specialising in the use of "puppets," ranging from simple to very complex and huge animals. She lives with her two "sisters" (not blood related, but very very close friends), Michelle, a fellow bibliomaniac and typical optimistic and ditzy blonde, and Anita, a rowdy book-loathing girl in her early teens, both of whom also happen to be paper masters. The three of them make up the "Three Sisters Detective Agency" which specializes in recovering lost or rare books. Maggie's paper mastery is probably the most advanced of the sisters and she is responsible for most of the transportation and defense when conflicts arise. She is a very caring person and loves her sisters dearly, and is probably the nicest person I'd ever want to meet. She would do anything to help out her sisters, or other people she truly cares for. She's not completely selfless though, and isn't afraid to ask for something she wants, especially if it has to do with books. :P Maggie maintains a calm demeanor and when there's something she has to do, she's a very capable person, often putting herself on the line to keep her sisters out of harm's way. Outside of danger though, Maggie is easily embarrassed and blushes quite often, but that makes her look even cuter. :D I'd love to share a small enclosed space with Maggie.

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