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Gallery of Kuukaku Shiba

I had seen a couple pictures of this awesome woman prior to watching Bleach, but had forgotten about her... that is until the last three episodes of the first season when she blew away the other lusts I thought I had from this series. Kuukaku Shiba is just unbelievably sexy. Her face and in some ways her personality remind me a LOT of Haruko (FLCL) and her overall appearance is very similar to another new lust of mine, Baiken (from the Guilty Gear games), so it would've been impossible for me to not fall in lust with this woman. Despite having only one arm (has a false right arm in the anime, but a stump in the manga... I prefer the stump for some reason), Kuukaku is a strong and capable woman. She is the #1 fireworks maker in Soul Society (kind of like "heaven"... where most souls go when their bodies die, etc.) and a very fiery woman herself, wearing what seems to be a "flame cloth" on her head, and her spirit powers are mostly fire related. She lives with her younger brother (whom she does a great job keeping in line) and a couple of attendant-type guys running her fireworks business, but also is there to help out her friends when they need her. She enjoys her vices of smoking and drinking, and is normally a very calm and to-the-point woman, though that fire burning within' her will explode when she's really ticked off. She's cautious and well-prepared, clever and wise, cool but ohhh-so hot, Kuukaku's another strong, sexy woman I'd like to get to know better.

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