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Gallery of Kirie Kojima

Kirie... such a beautiful name, and what a girl she is. Kirie Kojima (Girls Bravo) has so many things going for her in my mind, I don't know where to start. Hmm, well first of all, Girls Bravo is an ecchi comedy harem anime, I've heard the second season is much heavier on the ecchi, but I've only seen the first season so I'll go with what I know. The main character, Yukinari, is a short boy who has been picked on by girls ever since he was a kid and has developed a sickness that gives him hives whenever he's very close to girls. Kirie is Yukinari's next-door-neighbor and although she too bullies him at times, she has a crush on him. She's too shy or worried about what Yukinari would say if she told him she likes him though, considering his sickness, and she hopes he will make the first move, however, he is transported to another world via his bath tub and meets another girl, who doesn't cause his sickness to react, and they both return to earth... much to Kirie's chagrin. Kirie is friendly, helpful, intelligent, self-confident, very sexy, stylish, impulsive (which often leads to her performing various wrestling moves against perverted males), forgiving and strong, but when when supernatural things start happening around her, she loses her composure, screaming and cowering behind anything or anyone she can find, which I thought was extremely cute for an otherwise very capable young woman. Her appearance is the final knockout blow for me, and I think I'd better watch Vandread again, because Kirie is gently nudging Dita off the pedestal.

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