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Gallery of Kaolla Su

Kaolla is simply an amazing girl. She's happy, energetic, and super intelligent! My favorite character from Love Hina, Kaolla is an ambitious 13-year-old girl with a brilliant mind for machines and a carefree attitude. She lives at Hinata Inn, despite being some kind of foreign royalty in order to attend school and learn about electronics and mechanics in order to fulfill her dreams of starting a world-renowned robotics company in her home country (which is never named). But she doesn't really bother telling people about that and instead just has tons of fun running around and being a kid, and building lots of dangerous machines (especially robot turtles). Her genius isn't limited to machines though, as she also has a strange wisdom about her when it comes to life, taking advantage of every minute she has to have fun and enrich her friends lives and her own. She's a good friend, and although she sometimes puts them in danger with her antics, she's there for them when they need her. Kaolla is confident and optimistic (and thus naive), caring and intelligent, and is one of my very favorite characters ever.

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