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Not-so-much a Gallery of Hikaru Yoshimoto

Alright! Hikaru plays first base for the Kisaragi Princesses (Princess Nine) a baseball team for an all girls school. She's very optimistic and has a great sense of humor. She's there for her friends when they need her and isn't too shy to ask a lonely boy out on a date ;). She's honest with herself about her feelings and quite the good athelete as well, batting 2nd for her team and plays some sweet defense as well. Ask me out anytime, Hikaru :)

Dita Liebely and my dearest harem ladies.
Éclair and many more lovable girls I adore.
Ma Mamie and the other uber
sexy femmes that get my blood flowing.
Come get to know my little sister Kaolla
and the rest of my animated family and friends!
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