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Ratphlegm's Feb. '05 Drabble

This is a Love Hina fan fiction, and is meant as a somewhat condensed episode that fits into the story line at some point during the Fall season just before the Love Hina Christmas Special. Hopefully that shouldn't matter a whole lot and those of you that aren't familiar with the story will still enjoy it a bit. Anyway, here's my 1199-word-limit-scraping Drabble.

Special Prize - Ronin Battle

        Early one evening, the three ronin were studying up in Naruís room. Having spent time on Japanese, math and economics already, they had moved onto world history. Keitaro read aloud, "Napoleon continued his conquest until his eventual defeat at Waterloo in..."
        "Aaaahh!" Mutsumi exclaimed softly, "Oh dear, I had completely forgotten. I won two tickets to Paris for winning a watermelon-eating contest."
        "What!? Really?" Naru and Keitaro shouted in unison.
        "Yes," Mutsumi replied as she crawled around the table next to Keitaro. "Would you like to come with me, Keitaro?" she asked directly, staring at him with her big brown eyes.
        "Wh-wh-what?" Keitaro stuttered with sweat rolling down his face.
        "Oooooh, something interesting is happening in here!" Kitsune had poked her head into the room, alerted by the shouting, "Iíve got to see this, whatís going on?"
        With her eyebrow twitching and a huge vein popping out of her forehead, Naru answered, "Mutsumi-san just asked Keitaro if he would go to Paris with her."
        "Ohohoho this is great!" Kitsune exclaimed and stepped into the room to check out the show.
        "So, Keitaro, will you come?" Mutsumi repeated leaning against him, flustering him even more.
        "Ummm, uhh...err..." Keitaro stumbled for words under the extreme pressure of Mutsumiís expectant look and chest brushing his arm, and had to close his eyes to avoid the murderous glare being cast at him from across the table. "Eheheheh...well, why donít you ask Narusegawa if she wants to go?" Phew, he sighed.
        "Oh dear, Iím sorry Naru-san," the easy-going Mutsumi apologized. She turned and crawled back to the other side of table next to Naru and asked her, "Would you come with me then, Naru-san?"
        Trying to mask her jealousy and appear grateful, Naru replied, "Iíd love to go with you, Mutsumi-san, that is if Keitaro doesnít want to." Sarcasm leaked into her words as she continued to glare at the young man across from her.
        "Did you hear that, Keitaro," Kitsune jumped in, "Naru wants to go on a romantic escape with the girl who gave her her first kiss! All that time alone together, what do you think would happen?" That was all it took. Keitaro, looking at two beautiful young women sitting so close to each other, was helpless as the fire of dirty thoughts Kitsune had lit burned away his sinuses, and his nose started to bleed.
        "Pervert!" Naruís throw was right on target and a textbook hit him in the head; Kitsune fell down laughing. Young Shinobu walked in just then and nervously announced that dinner was ready.

        Saved by the dinner bell, Keitaro was able to escape from the pressure of making a descision for the time being. He kept quiet during dinner, trying to figure out how he should handle this tight situation. Luckily Kaolla Su managed to change the subject from Mutsumiís prize with an enthusiastic story about how sheíd brought her newest version of Mecha-Tama to school and got held after for detention because it almost blew up the principal. Keitaroís thoughts were about Naru, however, and his eyes fixated on her, knowing that he couldnít go on a vacation alone with any other girl.
        "Is there something on my face?" she asked him.
        "Oh, eheheh, no, thatís not it," he nervously responded. "Thanks for the delicious dinner, Shinobu-chan, I need to go clean up my room." He got up from the table as Naru shot him another cold glance.
        "Naru!" Kaolla exclaimed, "You do have rice on your face!"
        "What?" Naru blushed, and others giggled.

        Back in his room, Keitaro was just trying to relax and clear his head, hoping to figure out some way to break it to Mutsumi that he just couldnít go with her. After pondering over it for awhile, there was a gentle knock on his door and Mutsumiís voice asked, "May I come in?"
        He jumped up from his futon and said, "Eheh, s-sure, come on in, Mutsumi-san." He already knew why she had come, and he sweated it out for a minute before she asked him what he knew was coming.
        "So, Keitaro-kun, you know what I asked you before, will you come with me to Paris?" she took his hand in hers, "Please?"
        "W-well, umm...ehheh, you see..."
        She brought his hand up and held it against her heart, "Please, I really want to go with you, Keitaro, okay?"
        Despite her soft smile and sincerity, all Keitaro could think about was how Naru would feel if he consented. "Iím...Iím sorry, Mutsumi-san, but I just couldnít go on a trip like that without Naru." His words didnít come out quite right, naturally, with his hand where it was. "You should get someone else to go with you."
        "Oh dear. Thatís too bad, but going on a romantic trip with Naru-san might be fun too."
        "Yeah...wh-wh-what!?" Keitaro was caught completely off guard.
        "Ohoho, itís a joke, youíre so funny, Keita...oh dear..." as she spoke, the anemic Mutsumiís eyes glazed over and she fainted, pulling Keitaro down on top of her.
        The commotion alerted Motoko who had just returned from a late evening kendo tournament. She ran into the room to find Keitaro lying with Mutsumi on his futon, his hand clutching her chest. "Urashima, you pervert!" Motoko yelled, and whipped out her sword, launching an energy attack at him and sending him flying out the window.
        Mutsumi came to just then, commenting, "Oh dear, I think I ate too much for dinner, and caused trouble again."

        When Keitaro awoke the next morning, he got ready as usual and after catching a whiff of a delicious breakfast, headed to the dining room for the morning meal. It was Sunday, so everyone but Kitsune (who was surely still asleep) shouldíve been sitting at the table. When he sat down, though Keitaro noticed that Mutsumi was also missing. "Where is Mutsumi-san?" he asked.
        "Maybe she already left for Paris," Naru proposed, "but I thought you were going to go with her." She gave Keitaro a curious and slightly peeved look.
        "W-well, I didnít think it was fair for only me to go with her," he tried his best to sound impartial. "But I thought she asked you also, Narusegawa."
        Naruís anger subsided giving way to a smile, "Yeah, well, she did that once yesterday, but she never told me you decided not to go, so I donít know whatís happening."
        Haruka-san the landlord interjected, "Mutsumi did leave already, she and Kitsune were up late last night drinking, and Mutsumi suddenly remembered she only had one day to pack, and that she hadnít even asked her best friend to go yet."
        "You mustíve been up late drinking too, old woman." Keitaro teased.
        Smack! Haruka backhanded her nephew. "Call me Haruka-san. Anyway, itís possible she meant Kitsune."
        "Yaawwn, well Iím still here," Kitsune walked in looking like she just crawled out of bed.
        "Then who is Mutsumiís best friend?" Naru wondered, "Weíre all here."
        "Not all of us!" Kaolla explained, "That flying turtle the watermelon ladyís always talking to is gone also!"
        Everyone exclaimed, "Tama-chan!?"

The episode ends with the little turtle waving to the viewers from her seat on the airplane.

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