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Gallery of Éclair

As I watched Kiddy Grade, the back of my mind kept telling me that I should try not to like Éclair (because she's that typical anime poster-girl type)... but the rest of me couldn't help it. She has a great personality, outgoing, confident, a bit of an exhibitionist with her enjoyment of cosplay, and isn't restricted by the pressure from her partner to act more like a lady ;). She's also cool under pressure and follows her heart, standing up for what she believes in. It wasn't until rather late in the series though that I totally gave into her charms. I'm sure it was no coincidence it was around the time of her inner struggles, and undoubtedly at the same time her appearance changed to the slightly "rounder" (*ahem*) and short-haired version showed at right - I'd explain, but don't want to spoil anything. She is outwardly sexy and inwardly goofy and I just want to squeeze her to death, which luckily I could do a few times and she'd always come back :)

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