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Gallery of Dita Liebely

Dita Liebely, this young, good-natured apprentice space pilot with a peaked interest in aliens, stands out even in a great anime. Having never been around males before, Dita is the first one on her ship to find and interact with men. Since men are considered alien, Dita is extremely curious and is the only one courageous (or na´ve) enough to interact with them at first, setting her sights on the youngest male of the 3 and sticking to him like glue :). She just likes him for who he is despite his often bad attitude and coldness towards her, and after the third episode or so I was already screaming at Hibiki (the object of her curiosity and later affection) to quit being a dumb*ss! I grew to love Dita's optimistic and generous personality quite quickly, and dang...I'd love to get into that cockpit. (*ahem* score one for double-entendre) She's excitable, has a great smile, is outgoing, and yet shy when things start to get serious with the boy she likes, plus she's a great cook! What more could a guy ask for?

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