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Gallery of Arisa Uotani

Uo-chan from Fruits Basket is yet another strong, mature young woman that I really liked. One of Tohru's (the main character) best friends, Uo-chan is a former "Yankee" (female gang member basically) who was saved by Tohru's mother (Kyoko) and has since become a much more upstanding citizen. Although she still maintains a Yankee appearance... and brings lead pipes to school... and threatens to beat up people that are mean to Tohru. :P Uo-chan really looked up to Kyoko, and her death had a big impact, but Uo-chan now protects Tohru and would do anything for her friends. She's strong, light-hearted and loves to have a good time, joking with and teasing people, but knows when it's time to be serious too. She's wise and logical although she doesn't study very much, she's a hard worker when she needs to be. I think her look is sexy and mysterious, and she definitely works that black trenchcoat. With her cool exterior and great personality, Uo-chan is my kind of girl.

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