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Tournaments index page

Know that once a team is joining in a tournament, it cannot play any other team than its scheduled opponent until it is out of said tournament. DO NOT sign in for a tournament if you think you will not have the time to play scheduled games over the few following weeks.

Every round of a tournament is expected to be played out in one week, with a possible one week extension if the game cannot be played during the first week (a good reason must be given as well). Once you know who your scheduled opponent is (you will have more than one if you signed up for more than one tournament), you're expected to email him with times / days when you are available to play (his email address will be a button in the appropriate bracket of the tournament, to the right of his team name) . Keep in mind that your opponent may very well not be from the same continent, so try to pick hours at which you'll be both comfortable to play (it may not be possible sometimes, so prepare to make compromises). Here is a site where you can figure out your time difference compared to your opponent :

The winning team in each match-up should send a match report to me, and also feel free to forward any correspondence between you and your opponent to me, Ratphlegm, at .

Important : At the end of this period, when the tournaments start, all teams officially participating will see their players "mng" healed (meaning, all teams in tournaments start with a healthy team).

Selections for minor tournaments can be somewhat chaotic, and signing up doesn't necessarily means your team will play at all, depending on how many teams sign up and the places available. It might be a 16 teams minor or 32 teams minor. If 32 teams format is selected, it might be possible for a coach to have two teams in the minor.

Forfeit penalties may apply to teams not playing their scheduled games in tournaments.

It will be possible for some teams not qualifying for tournaments or not getting a place due to any reason to act as back up teams for the first round of any tournament they would have qualified for.